Taking the advantage from the Hut’s location, in the morning (after a good sleep and a plentiful breakfast) you can experience the ascent to the summit. It’s worth it to enjoy the vast landscape: the entire Lagorai to the North, and the Tesino Plateau to the South, which gently descents towards Valsugana, among green pastures and endless metamorphic rock plates. It really seems to be on top of a “christalline island”, as the first geologists of the XIX century mentioned when they first approached Cima d’Asta. – Ascent to Cima d’Asta in two days. Overnight stay at the Hut. Following morning: last 400 mt to the Zimon, reaching the summit at 2847 m. – Day hike for experienced hikers.


Giro del Zimon: Giro del Zimon: two-day loop trail. – Alta Via del Granito: three-day loop trekking through Sorgazza, Cima d’Asta, Cimon Rava and Caldenave. Walkable in both directions: green loop (counterclockwise). Orange loop (clockwise). Walking times: Green loop – first day 3hours, second day 7 hours, third day 5 hours. For more info visit www.altaviadelgranito.com. This trekking is part of the trail “Translagorai” and of the historical project “La Montagna Racconta” (about World War 1). – Lagorai Panorama: four-day loop-trekking. For Info visit www.lagoraipanorama.altervista.org.


The peculiarity of Cima d’Asta consists in the rock quality: It’s a unique granite isle in the Dolomites and in the Eastern Alps in general. – Rock climbing on the South face of Cima d’Asta.


The 38 m deep alpine lake fills the glacial dip on which edge the Hut stands. It is the deepest in Europe at such altitude. Diving in this splendid lake is a unique opportunity for studies and scientific researches.


Backcountry ski and ice climbing during the winter season.