Opened from saturday 15th june to Sunday 29th september 2024

The Mountain Hut S.A.T. Brentari is a convenient location only a few minutes from the southern cliff, scattered with rocky towers, well exposed to the sun. On the south bastion of Cima d’Asta you can find roughly 30 climbing routes that were opened starting from 1952.
Throughout the past years the love and the passion of the local Mountain Guides and the several Hut Managers increased and re-promoted the sports and the interest in mountaineering in this area.
More info in the guidebook LAGORAI CIMA D’ASTA (arrampicare sul granito delle Dolomiti / rock climbing on the granite of the Dolomites) Edizioni Versante Sud Conz-Tomio / Southern slope Edition Conz-Tomio.
A good book for hikers looking for new experiences is: “CIMA D’ASTA – Proposte per un escursionismo alternativo / Tips for an alternative way of hiking”.

The Mountain Hut S.A.T. Cima d’Asta “O. Brentari” is comfy and welcoming, and its 56 bunk beds are divided between dorms and smaller rooms with the lake and summit view.
The slender and compact architectures of Cima d’Asta, made of solid granite, with massive and even conformation such as plates, dihedrals, arete corners, and fissures, give mountaineers different opportunities to find top features to the ones that they are used to in the Dolomites.
The types of rock climbing in these walls require techniques such as crack jamming, plate grip, moves on tiny holds and split in dihedrals.
That’s every climber’s dream!
To top it all off, the other fundamental thing is that here mountaineers are off the beaten tracks of the main Dolomites routes, so that they can enjoy the privileged atmosphere of the pioneering age and the silence of secluded places.