For hikers, their first ever overnight stay in a mountain hut is a little bit like an initiation rite.

One thing is a day hike, and another is sleeping in the mountains. It’s like turning that extraordinary universe which is so far away from our standards into “routine”.

Then, it’s around those wooden tables that you become part of the “walking tribe”, among old plaid shirts (fortunately, some of them are still around……) and high-tech pile sweaters. People eat, chat, and sing. There is no phone coverage and the WiFi doesn’t exist. Stories are told pretty much like our ancestors did around a campfire.

The rooms or dorms are shared and the beds are organized based on the bookings. Precious things are to be found: a mug of steaming minestrone, delicious delicacies and desserts prepared with love in our kitchen, and a glass of mysterious red wine that, who knows why, seems better than Chianti Riserva, and a few friends to play cards with, until when, at 22, the lights switch off.

The night’s shiny stars are inviting to stay all night long gazing at them, but an early one is needed to wake up early because the path is long but…… life is beautiful!

Spend one night at the “Brentari” and enjoy a spectacular sunset, taste our delicacies offered by the hut’s kitchen and wake up at dawn to climb up the summit and with one finger, touch the sky.

The day hike requires more training and a stronger physical prep.

Please remember that dogs are not allowed inside CAI/SAT huts.

To allow them the overnight stay, we reserved a shack with rugs nearby the hut.

Please remember to let us know if you’d like to take your dog, so we can let other guests know about it and we can get organized properly.